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Raghuveer Industries is a Rigid Coupling Manufacturer in Ahmedabad and Rigid Coupling Supplier in India that provides the Latest and Modern Engineering Machinery.

Rigid Coupling in Ahmedabad, India

Description :

A type of coupling used to connect shafts that are in alignment. A rigid coupling is the simplest type of coupling.

Rigid couplings are used when precise shaft alignment is required; shaft misalignment will affect the coupling’s performance as well as its life.

Our flexible geared couplings are known for, Large Bore Capacity, High Torque Ratings Interchangeability, Better Design, High Misalignment Capacity, Improved Lubrication System.

We are in the field of manufacturing All Types of Gear Coupling Like Full Gear Coupling, Half Gear Half Rigid Couplings, Flexible C.I Brake Drum Coupling, Rigid Coupling, Brake Drum Geared Coupling, Brake Drum with Flexible Geared Coupling, Grid Coupling, Long Teeth Full Gear Coupling, and Torsion Shaft Coupling in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Dimensions :

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